May 5, 2013

Peeling ingredients, all from the kitchen!

Here is the list of the different peeling ingredients I may or may not have mentioned on the blog.
The great thing about it, you probably already have them in your kitchen.

Face peeling

- thin salt in a little bit of oil (olive for example)
That's what I use, once a week :)

- wheat bran. You can mix it with yoghurt but I guess it's just as fine in olive oil.
I would especially recommend this for sensitive skins as it's extremely soft (a bit too soft for my taste though).
I bought the wrong type of flour so that was a good way to use the bran after sifting the flour.

- coffee grounds. Slightly more abrasive than thin salt but still ok

Body peeling

- sugar! and honey and olive oil --> See honey sugar scrub here.

- coffee grounds


Yes, hair, or more precisely, scalp scrub. From what I read, it helps you get rid of dead skin cell and stimulates circulation and hair growth. You can choose any of the ingredients above depending on how sensitive you are. I have psoriasis so I am: I went for coffee grounds mixed with creme fraiche, once every three weeks.

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  1. Sugar, salt ande coffee is my favorites too. I've never tried scalp-peeling, but it is wonderful for rest of the body.

    I recently made sugar-oil-honey peeling, after your recepie ;)